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Jorge Alberto Viera Costa

Jorge Alberto Vieira Costa
  • Concluded 1996 his Ph.D. in Food Engineering at the Graduate Scholl of the University of Campinas, Brazil;
  • Full Professor of the Federal University of Rio Grande (FURG) since 2015, working in Bioprocesses and Food Engineering;
  • Researcher – level 1A of the Brazilian Council for Research and Technological Development – CNPq, since 1998;
  • Vice-coordinator of Graduate Programs in Food Science at CAPES (2022-2025);
  • Training Course at Aviation X-Lab, Dubai Future Foundation, United Arab Emirates (2021);
  • Visiting Researcher in 2018 at the University of California San Diego (UCSD);
  • Published more than 350 papers in Scientific Journals and more than 1,000 writing presentations in Congress, Seminars, and other events reports;
  • Wrote chapters in 35 books;
  • Oriented 68 Master Dissertations, 37 Ph.D. Thesis, and 25 Post-docs;
  • Is in charge of 10 Ph.D. and 5 Master Thesis nowadays;
  • Oriented 95 academic works and 75 Conclusions Monographs of undergraduate students in Food Engineering, Biochemical Engineering, and Biology;
  • Received 44 Awards;
  • Have been applied for 27 patents;
  • Is the Coordinator of the CO2 Biofixation using Microalgae Projects;
  • Is the Coordinator of 11 Projects nowadays, including microalgae cultivation, biojet fuel, bioethanol, biodiesel, biogas, biosurfactants, foods, and malnutrition combat;
  • Is in charge and involved in projects with many companies, like Emirates Airlines, Airbus Aerospace, G & E Aviation, Petrobrás, Eletrobrás, Bungue, COPESUL, BRASKEM, Refinaria de Petróleo Ipiranga, Bunge, CGTEE, Centro de Tecnologia Canavieira – CTC, IRGOVEL, Zeri Foundation, MCTI, among others;
  • Have worked with various Universities, like the University of California San Diego – UCSD, USA; Polytech Clermont-Ferrand – France; Institut Pascal – France; Bielefeld University – Germany; Philipps Universität Märburg – Germany; University of Florence – Italy; University of New York – USA; Universidad de La Savana – Colombia; Universidad de la República – Uruguay; Universitát Degli Studi di Milano – Italy; Technical University of Catalonia – UPC, Spain; among others.